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KK Mediat is a small but spicey ICT training and services provider established in 2002.

Onsite training services

We provide training courses for dozens of technologies (such as HTML5, CSS, jQuery,PHP etc) and products (Apache HttpdServer, Photoshop, XMLSPy etc) used by internet professionals. We train the professionals to become professionals. Our onsite training services are available throughout Finland and on agreement also within EU. Contact for pricing and further details.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services

Search engine optimization, SEO is a process of trying to ensure that a web site obtains high rankings in search engines like Google, MSN Search or Yahoo! Within SEO business, we have an reputation as a trustworthy and open partner with good record track.Learn more about Search engine optimization services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services

Search engine marketing targets to provide visibility in search engines with the use of PPC programs. Our mission is to help You to build an affordable and professional SEM campaign that brings you the best return of investment. We have long term experience of Google AdWords. Learn more about Search engine marketing services

Web Design services

Making a website is easy. Making a site, that looks good, works fine 24/7 and maybe even makes money is totally different thing. We have the experience and tools required to build solutions that fullfill your needs. Learn more about Web Design solutions